Saturday, 30 January 2010

Desginers Take a Nod at Alice in Wonderland

acknowledging the release of the Tim Burton's long awaited recreation of Alice in Wonderland, designers put together a whimsical soiree of magical proportions.

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oh, for the love of detailing. Nicholas Kirkwood has definitely captured the March Hair in these immaculate pair of heels. Kirkwood claims himself that, "This was a different design process for me, because I’m not usually so applicative—typically, I’m thinking about line, silhouette. But this time, I figured, why not just pile as much as I can on top?" Loving the rosettes on appliqued on the heels!

Haider Ackerman is dark, a conceptualist. It would not be a surprise to anyone that he incorporated his sadistic, yet ironic charm into this dress. "The Queen of Hearts is an antagonist," states Ackerman.

Alice sitting, perpetually drinking tea. Alice laughing, running through the brigade of song flowers. This dress, created and designed by Charles Anastase, is the epitome of who Alice is. Based on John Tenniel's original portrait of Alice, Anastase made Alice's dress into an asymmetrical wonder. Savor the draping!

One of the more odd outfits of the exhibition, Maison Martin Margiela attempts to recreate Alice's iconic dress into something absolutely breathtaking. The "upside down" aura meant by Margiela is utterly ingenious: Alice has walked through the mirror, and her dress has been reversed. A long,flowing cerulean gown has been altered into a minidress. The plumetis have become a veil. Note the cage sleeves! I'm in love!

The ChloĆ© Design Team has struck again! The more wearable version of Alice's dress. Quote the Team, "Running around careless and free in a romantic dress, falling down the rabbit hole, chasing time in a dreamlike state of mind, meeting unexpected characters with many tales to tell—sounds like many a girl’s night out!". Definitely something worth purchasing!

See all of these designs at Printemps Department Stores, Paris.


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