Saturday, 28 August 2010

FiFi Lapin (A Review)

This is going to be my first post in a long line of blog reviews.
I think everyone knows how much I love everything cute. Not the eccentric cute of Taiwan (like...all those cheesy characters on Taiwanese comics), but the classy cute from my new favorite fashionable bunny, FiFi Lapin.
Originally from London, FiFi has possibly captured my heart as my favorite new blogger. Here are a couple photos from her lovely blog:

FiFi wearing Gucci.

FiFi wearing a daring Betsey Johnson design.

FiFi emulating modern day class in Chanel.

FiFi in Marc Jacobs! I love her bag :)

So, how does FiFi's blog add up in the eyes of Pretty Little Things? I give her four out of five stars for an amazing illustrator, en pointe fashion sense, and of course, just being plain out cute.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Nerdy Mr. Potato Man

Today I went to the big Eslite bookstore near Taipei 101 and got new glasses! The "geek chic" look seems to be quite the look as of the moment, seeing that this style and type of frame has been in magazines and such.

Here they are!

Sorry for the extra cam-whoring, I couldn't help myself (; My inner geek was coming out! Speaking on geeky terms, I also got this awesome Mr. Potato Head pajama set from the States while I was on holiday. It even coms with matching long pajama bottoms (ooops, forgot to take a picture of them)! How adorable is that?
Hope everyone is having a superbly awesome day!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Summer Creations + Bulletin Board.

Since it's summer, I have a bunch of time that I can just relentlessly spend on making and creating little items.

I made three rings today!

The first one turned out a little like this...

My mom had some old leftover buttons from something she was working on herself, so I nabbed a few.

The next ring looks like this...

The third ring is by far my favorite, since I love things that sparkle. This button came off of one of my grandma's old coats, and by golly, I am loving it to death.

My inspiration came from this pair of Miu Miu Crystal Gloves (the ring is attached to the glove, how cool is that?)

I also made two more flowers, one in a darkish blue, and one in a buttercream yellow.

This blue one above is attached to a plastic black headband.

The buttercream yellow one above is attached to a plastic black clip.

You can see the clip in action above (;

I have also been adding onto my already always messy bulletin board. I've had this bulletin board since a while back, and it really has grown to become the statement piece of who I am. It defines me.

Oh, I am quite ashamed of what a mess it is!

Closeups of portions of my lovely bulletin:

A photo from our winter formal in seventh grade! Everyone looked so young back then. And it was only two years ago!

I've been watching the movie Coraline on HBO a lot recently and was sort of inspired to do this quite random water color a few days ago. It's what I imagine my "other mother" would probably look like.

The wonderful Prada Shanghai World Expo bags that my uncle graciously gave me. And the buttercream felt flower attached to the handles!

A metro card from NYC, a random sun I drew with markers, a Snoopy the Beagle pin, and the top portion of a candy gram (;

Two Snapple lids (one belonging to Pink Lemonade, and one to Lemon Iced Tea), a bunch of Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani tags and postcards, and a portion of a Prada parfum ad that I picked up two years ago at the Prada store.

My name made out of perla beads that I created when I was over at my friend, Berry's, house. They have a lot of perla beads. Thanks Berry!

Saw this at the bookstore the other day and told myself that I had to get it. Obviously because "I Heart Lomo".

And because my love of David & Goliath Tees never will perish, a tag from one of their tee shirts. I have a total of three now. But heck, their shirts are overpriced, so I think I can stop at three.

Today I finished off another random project that I've been working on since last night. Here it is:

I have deemed her Lola.

Lola has real fake eyelashes on! They make her button eyes seem three times larger!

Look at how long Lola's lashes are! Believe me, that took a lot of hard work to get on. I took a pair of cheap 20 NT lashes and stacked them onto each other. Then, I took some Elmer's glue and glued the strip down (which, trust me, took about 20 minutes counting drying time).
Another something something that I did this morning (see, I have so much time on my hands):

The octopus' name is Ernie (:

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

I've Joined the Circus.

(Click to enlarge photo)

List of items pictured:

1. White Eyelet Tank: Forever 21 ($15)
2. Cream Lace Skirt: ASOS ($60)
3. Studded Cream Brogues: ASOS Milo ($54)
4. Gold Leather Ballet Flats: Old Navy ($12)
5. Heirloom Sillhouette Pin: Etsy ($50)
6. Cream Knitted Crop Top: Miss Selfridge ($70)
7. Cream Ruffled Dress: Topshop ($150)
8. Vintage Chanel Beach Tote: ASOS Designer ($2,450)
9. Gold and Cream Gem Ring: ASOS ($100)
10. Daisy Rose Earrings: Tarina Tarintino ($31)
11. Florence + the Machine (pictured)

My first try at Polyvore. Enjoy!