Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Spotlight: Illamasqua, "Makeup for Your Alter Ego".

illamasqua is a new brand from the UK, which is dominating the cosmetics market like MAC did when it first came out. illamasqua is even said to be the new competetor to MAC, since their products are somewhat similar. here is a list of items sold from this hot, new company:

1. LIP ITEMS: the brand has three catagories for lips: lipstick, intense lipgloss, and sheer lipgloss. the lipsticks seem rather similar to a MAC lipstick, but their lip glosses look very unique. my favorite color is from the intense lipgloss subsidy. the color, called femme, (pictured left) is a hot pink, very much similar to MAC's Steal My Heart Tinted Lip Glass. the intense lipglosses create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky. they also, according to an online source, draw attention to your lips, and to you.
2. EYE ITEMS: there are many types of eye items: some include powder and cream eyeshadows, eye brow cakes, eyeliners, and of course, mascara. my favorite product so far from illamasqua's eye line is the shimmer cream. there is currently only moss green available, but soon many more will be released.

3. NAIL ITEMS: illamasqua currently promotes three nail items: varnish, top coat, and base coat. my favorite is the baptise nail varnish (see photo on the right). it is a grey-toned purple, and contains a multi faceted shimmer finish.


CONS ABOUT THIS BRAND: while in hong kong this summer, i had the honor to try out illamasqua's concealer. it did not appeal to me, however. the formula was cakey, and didn't blend well. i prefer using stila's perfecting concealer (my shade is "b"). the illamasqua concealer is on the left. keep in mind that this was the shade sephora promoted to me. in my opinion, my skin tone should have been between the second and third, but she suggested the third. the stila perfecting concealer, on the other end of the spectrum, is a near perfect match.
au reviour,

Converse All-Star: Journey Shoes' New Line

i am always shopping on the internet for new items hitting the market, and i think this line just hits my heart. all of the sneakers in this line retail for a price of $49.99, which is a tad over the usual $30.00. however, the following photos are of my favorite designs of the line. enjoy!


the photo on the right is of the Converse All-Star Cupcake Lo Top. the chocolate brown canvas is line with pink and white cupcakes. the design, however, is dotted with a glittery finish. this product is however, on sale on the Journey's website, so it retails for $39.99 US Dollars a pair. a great pair with skinnies and a graphic hoodie/tee.


this next pair is called the Converse All-Star Panda Lo Top. this unique canvas pattern includes pandas situated in pink bubbles. i love how it is playful and bubbly in a subtle way, but still conveys a great design. this look is unfortunetaly not on sale, so it sells at the regular retail price of $49.99. this looks is also great for a back-to-school look, but it also goes great with a light-washed denim short or miniskirt and a stripped skinny tank. this is one of my personal favorites, and all the buyers of Journey's do too. (they are rated five "hands", or stars, out of five!)


this is my final favorite, the Converse All-Star Cloud Animal Lo Top. this shoe has a sky blue canvas background, which is dotted with white felt cloud animals. this design is absolutely adorable, since every little girl has looked up at the sky and watched cloud animals run in the sky. this shoe definetly reminds me of my child hood. since this shoe is a wonderful pale blue color, it can be paired with a buttercup-washed sundress or even with a black silk mini dress. this shoe is also unfortunetaly not on sale, so it retails for the same original price of $49.99.

quote the journey's website: "The original Old School is still cool. Some things don't change because they don't need to." this is undeniably true. these new designs are a new twist on the classic Chuck Taylor. get them quick....the line is selling out extremely quick!

Au Revoir et Salut,

Current Obsession: The Pin-Up Look and Katy Perry

everyone now and then, i come across a column on Page Six, reviewing celebrity outfit choices and makeup trends. however, one that stands up all the time is katy perry's sense of style. i personally love the way she dresses, from her cheeky rompers to her vintage frocks and dresses. the three photos on the right demonstrate her versatility of perry's style. the first picture is a great, modern interpretation of the pin-up look. the aquamarine romper is the epitome of the pin-up look. the two following looks are quite similar in the same way they are eagerly different. they are both dressy, and are both suitable for a day to night look. floral pieces in the hair also remind me of the '50's look. i love how twistable her looks can go: runway, haute couture, even a look for school.
more celebrity style obsessions soon!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Review: La Mer Crème de la Mer

this creme is possibly the world's most renown face creme. La Mer's Crème de La Mer facial crème contains numerous benifits, including correcting imperfections, tightening facial lines/crow's feet, and of course, moisturizing facial skin. even to the brand itself, the crème has mysterious properties. quote La Mer: "Even now, it is not entirely clear how Crème de la Mer works. For us schooled in logic, it is something of a jolt to the imagination. But facts are facts and certainly the proof can be seen on the faces of those who use it." howver, we do know that this crème includes La Mer's Magic Broth. it is believed to smooth out any facial blemishes, correct any lines or crevices, and also soothe sentivities on the face. many buyers have also agreed that this crème has a light, refreshing scent. the bio-fermentation process is what makes this product a pricy indulgence; a one-ounce jar retails at $130.00, and and a sixteen and a half ounce jar sells for a stunning $1390.00. however, if you really want to make a difference in your beauty regime, La Mer's Crème de La Mer might be the thing for you.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Under the Scope: Autumn/Winter 2009 Makeup Trends

hey everyone. just decided to make a quick preview post on this upcoming seasons hottest makeup looks:

1. Nude skin: the concept of this is to basically have a clear and smooth surface. the face does not have a lot of heavy foundation, perhaps just a bit of concealer and pressed powder. this look also looks great as a "dewey" look. lustre drops are also hot this season, since they let your skin have that extra pop of glow. i especially love this with a nude lip and a neutral eye. this look is perfect to pair with a smokey eye as well. since perfect skin is such a versitility that can go with any sort of look that you are going for. even if you do have imperfections, a high-quality concealer and pressed powder will do the trick. besides, who says that beauty needs to be bought?


2. Berry-hued Lips: jewel tones are in on the chanel 2009 Autumn/Winter collection (see posts below), so why not incorperate the trend into your daily makeup routine? a berry or mahogany lip tint is an essential during the autumn and winter season. the light wash of color makes lips look "just bitten", and the color is absolutely stunning, but subtle at the same time. this is the standby for lip gloss or glaze this season, so expect this trend to be hitting fashion week on runways such as Christian Dior.

3. Violet Eyeliner: this trend simply reminds me of a spring trend, but who says that trends can't stay a season or two? violet eyeliner is simply an alternative to the typical black or brown (and the occasional pop of a bright hue). this eyeliner pairs harmoniously with a darker purple crease line and lavender-hued eyeshadow. this trend is somewhat daring, but it completes many skin tones and eye colors. green-eyed women have the biggest advantage with this trend, however, since green and purple are both cool tones. however, anyone can try out this trend, since violet and lavender are both universally complementing tones. a violet eyeliner can also versillate into an evening look, when paired with a glossy off-red lip.

no matter which trend you lean towards this year, make sure you do it with elegance and style.

Au Revoir,

分解茶 myth or miracle?

i have been fabled by this so-called "amazing" drink for family members bought it and so did some of my friends. but what DOES oil-cutting tea do for you?
on the package, it boasts that it can cut 35% of all oil you intake in the form of food or from fat already stored in your body. i personally feel that it has a refreshing taste, especially the green tea variety.
this picture above is of one of my favorite oil-cutting teas. it is definetly refreshing, but it also has bitter gourd seed extract that can cut oil at a fast pace.
the taste of this certain brand is extremely light and has a crisp feeling on your tongue. many may have a hard time adapting to this taste, since it doesn't have any sugar. (in fact, it has zero calories in the whole bottle). however, it is a great alternative to western dieting trends, such as the alliDiet Pill and hollywood liquid or detox diets (this includes the so-called popular Lemonade Diet that Beyoncé boasts has rapid weight loss properties).
i love this drink, and i know that there are other varieties of oil-cutting teas out on the Asian market. i will keep everyone updated on how my progress is with this miracle tea!
note: even though i state that this tea has weight-cutting properties, it might not work for you. it is great for you to try, but if all fails, this tea might not be the right type of weight loss technique for you.

Anna Sui Eye Colour Stick (WHY?)

a fact that always seems to creep up on me: why did anna sui need to create an eye colour... that comes out of a tube?? i have nothing against creativity, but this is absolutely a bad buy in general. seeing that they only sell this product in asia so far, i had the chance to test it at a nearby department store.

initial thought: this product has a wide variety of bright tones, as well as some more natural ones. the packaging is very attractive, as are all other Anna Sui cosmetic products. i first swatched the 100 Sour Blue colour on my hand. it definently failed to impress. the stick of "lipstick-like" eye colour was very hard to adhere on my skin, and the bulky pieces of silver glitter looked very passé and vulgar. instead of buying this product, why not buy something that actually is worth the money?
Au Revoir until next time...

Spotlight: SOHODOLLS

i have to give credit to my friend katie for suggesting to me this amazing group. as many of my close friends know, i am very into electronica (e.g: metric and the sounds). the sohodolls are one of my new "fresh-faced" favorite.


check them out!


Current Obssesion: OPI Russian Navy

navy nail polish is making a splash this season. this makes me exuberentaly happy; not only because i can buy this amazing matte OPI nail polish, but because navy is a very versatile nail colour. my current favorite navy nail polish is OPI'S Russian Navy. the color comes in two finishes: matte and glossy. my preferance, howver, is the matte one, since it gives out a sort of grungy look. however, if you commonly opt for a glossy finished nail polish, the OPI Russian Navy coulour has a "shine" glossy version as well. the two pictures below show the two different types of finishes. the matte one, as you can tell, is a much grayer color than the glossy one, which is a somewhat "vibrant" navy blue. even though i prefer matte nailpolishes, many others do not. what is your favorite type of nail polish finish? comment below and tell me why.

the matte finish of the OPI Russian Navy nail lacquer.
the glossy finish of the OPI Russian Navy lacquer.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

New Line: Bird by Juicy Couture

juicy couture designers Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy have come out with a new line called bird. this collection is a high end sector of the already widely popular lifestyle brand, juicy couture. while i am a big fan of G&P's juicy couture items, i cannot wait for bird items to come out. just think of bird as a higher end of what G&P have already created. the bird line is extremely similar to the juicy couture couture collection (unfortuantely, couture couture has been discontinued from the juicy couture brand). the following pictures show some samples of the hot, upcoming brand.

this sequined racerback tank is made with black Tencel silk/nylon. it is also embellished with silvertone sequins, giving it that '80s disco feel. this top would be great with a pair of black skinnies or skinny black leather leggings. this top retails for a price of $398.00 US dollars, but as i like to say, it is an invesment, for it can be a versatile addition to anyone's closet.

this next photo is of bird's ombre scarf cardigan. it is supposed to have an attachable ombre scarf at it's neckline, but this photo (courtesey of Harper's Bazaar), doesn't depict it. the cardigan itself is made out of nylon, acrylic, and woolhair. the v-neckline is very appealing, and the buttons on the front make it sweet and simple. the gradual shading and decreasing of blacks and grays really make this cardigan a good buy. i would pair it with a pair of low-rise skinny jeans and a good pair of black snakeskin flats. this cardigan retails at $298.oo US Dollars.


the final key piece in the new collection is the slouchy slim jean. this unique pair of distressed dusty blue jeans is in a slouchy-cut polver fabric. it is a five pocket style, and it has a low rise waistband. these jeans look great rolled up, and for this season's new bohemian trend, paired with fringed leather moccasins and a flowy floral-print top. the jeans retail for $248.00 US Dollars.


overall opinion: from what i have seen so far on the juicy couture website, i am glad to say that i am rather pleased with this new collection. it has the right essential components to build the base of a great closet. the colors are rather monotone, however, but as seperate pieces, i think that this line will go far this autumn/winter season.

Spotlight: Cansei de Ser Sexy

i am completely in LOVE with this band. their name is brazilian for "i'm sick of being sexy". haha self obsessed much? just kidding... but i would love to tell you all about their music. to me, i think their music is a little indie-pop. their songs are very sugary, but with an edge of bitterness. i personally think that that's a great about you all?

Music is My Hot, Hot Sex-Cansei de Ser Sexy

i know! a very suggestive title for a name but once you listen to won't regret it.


Review: MAC Cosmetics "Shroom" Eyeshadow (and Look Overview)

one of my most loved eye products from MAC, the shroom eyeshadow. it is most commonly used as a highlight for the entire eyelid, but has been used as a basic eyeshadow/crease enhancer. here is a picture of me using shroom as a highlight on my friend:
i know that it is not very noticable, but i used MAC Shroom on her whole eyelid. then i dusted MAC Brule from her lashline all the way to her crease, spreading it up a little to create a soft finish. for the crease, i used MAC Buckwheat. the overall look is very neutral, and it can be worn as a daytime and nighttime look. i paired this finished eye with a clean face (i used MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation). her lips were glossed with MAC Lip Gelee in Slicked Pink. it is a nice peachy-pink that gives her that natural pink glow.
overall, i think that the Shroom eyeshadow does have all that it boasts. it gives a subtle and nice glow to make that beautiful eye you desire.

Under the Scope: Autumn/Winter 2009 Key Trends

as we all know, trends seem to come and go. this season's hottest imports are key in getting the most in style looks for the autumn and winter seasons.

some trends to preview are:

1. Bohemian luxury (FoHo) Gucci is leading the pack in this new trend. lean towards fringed boots, peasant skirts, and any chunky-gold jewelery.

2. Ripped stockings/tights society has deemed ripped clothing a sin in fashion ever since man started to make clothing. however, this season, ripped stockings and tights are making a huge controversy (but also, a great impression). to achieve this look, shop for ripped mesh tights, but nothing too goth-like.

3. Military Luxe a close friend of mine once refered this trend as a "long-lost cousin" of the bohemian luxury trend. the military jacket is a must-have for winter 2009. whether feminine or worn with androgyny, the military trend is something everyone fashionista should experiment with.
more trends to come...please note the following post.

2009 Fall Couture: Chanel

a few preview pictures of the 2009 Fall Chanel Couture items. i personally think they are stunning...but isn't Chanel always?

a simple, yet visually stunning peek-a-boo mesh creation. this look is embellished with lace and high/low hemlines. sequins and beading made this dress come out of the '80s era, and with the help of jewel and noir tones, i believe that this dress will be the talk of the season.
this photograph on the right displays the epitome of Karl's simplicity. he keeps this gown long and lean, as well as sleeveless and classic suiting. an abundance of mesh also helps this dress show some leg (in a somewhat "naughty" manner.)

this jewel-toned look on the left mirrors fall's up and coming trend: purple and structure. i love how karl keeps the lines of this dress clean and simple, but plays it up with jeweled sleeves and a satin train. the mesh tights are quite a couture-like gesture to the designers creativity.

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