Monday, 20 July 2009

Under the Scope: Autumn/Winter 2009 Makeup Trends

hey everyone. just decided to make a quick preview post on this upcoming seasons hottest makeup looks:

1. Nude skin: the concept of this is to basically have a clear and smooth surface. the face does not have a lot of heavy foundation, perhaps just a bit of concealer and pressed powder. this look also looks great as a "dewey" look. lustre drops are also hot this season, since they let your skin have that extra pop of glow. i especially love this with a nude lip and a neutral eye. this look is perfect to pair with a smokey eye as well. since perfect skin is such a versitility that can go with any sort of look that you are going for. even if you do have imperfections, a high-quality concealer and pressed powder will do the trick. besides, who says that beauty needs to be bought?


2. Berry-hued Lips: jewel tones are in on the chanel 2009 Autumn/Winter collection (see posts below), so why not incorperate the trend into your daily makeup routine? a berry or mahogany lip tint is an essential during the autumn and winter season. the light wash of color makes lips look "just bitten", and the color is absolutely stunning, but subtle at the same time. this is the standby for lip gloss or glaze this season, so expect this trend to be hitting fashion week on runways such as Christian Dior.

3. Violet Eyeliner: this trend simply reminds me of a spring trend, but who says that trends can't stay a season or two? violet eyeliner is simply an alternative to the typical black or brown (and the occasional pop of a bright hue). this eyeliner pairs harmoniously with a darker purple crease line and lavender-hued eyeshadow. this trend is somewhat daring, but it completes many skin tones and eye colors. green-eyed women have the biggest advantage with this trend, however, since green and purple are both cool tones. however, anyone can try out this trend, since violet and lavender are both universally complementing tones. a violet eyeliner can also versillate into an evening look, when paired with a glossy off-red lip.

no matter which trend you lean towards this year, make sure you do it with elegance and style.

Au Revoir,

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