Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Current Obsession: The Pin-Up Look and Katy Perry

everyone now and then, i come across a column on Page Six, reviewing celebrity outfit choices and makeup trends. however, one that stands up all the time is katy perry's sense of style. i personally love the way she dresses, from her cheeky rompers to her vintage frocks and dresses. the three photos on the right demonstrate her versatility of perry's style. the first picture is a great, modern interpretation of the pin-up look. the aquamarine romper is the epitome of the pin-up look. the two following looks are quite similar in the same way they are eagerly different. they are both dressy, and are both suitable for a day to night look. floral pieces in the hair also remind me of the '50's look. i love how twistable her looks can go: runway, haute couture, even a look for school.
more celebrity style obsessions soon!

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