Monday, 20 July 2009

Current Obssesion: OPI Russian Navy

navy nail polish is making a splash this season. this makes me exuberentaly happy; not only because i can buy this amazing matte OPI nail polish, but because navy is a very versatile nail colour. my current favorite navy nail polish is OPI'S Russian Navy. the color comes in two finishes: matte and glossy. my preferance, howver, is the matte one, since it gives out a sort of grungy look. however, if you commonly opt for a glossy finished nail polish, the OPI Russian Navy coulour has a "shine" glossy version as well. the two pictures below show the two different types of finishes. the matte one, as you can tell, is a much grayer color than the glossy one, which is a somewhat "vibrant" navy blue. even though i prefer matte nailpolishes, many others do not. what is your favorite type of nail polish finish? comment below and tell me why.

the matte finish of the OPI Russian Navy nail lacquer.
the glossy finish of the OPI Russian Navy lacquer.

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  1. hey. i like the glossy one because it gives this sort of mature look. it brightens up any outfit which makes it suitable for bright summer days AND for lightening up a dark fall look. since its already glossy you dont need to add a shiny top coat-just a chip resistant one.