Friday, 26 March 2010

House of Jewels.

Hello everybody,

Here is something I pride myself with (a lot, actually): my jewelry collection.

Here we go...

I hang all necklaces and rings on this small white tree. I was actually inspired by a tree I saw at VVG Bon Bon (local restaurat), where they hung candy boxes from a huge tree. Don't have a picture on me, I'm afraid.

RINGS (all designed and made by yours truly, adrienne)

This lovely daisy ring is made from an old button (actually all my rings are). This one is my favorite, by far.

Gosh, I love this one aswell...this button is actually my grandma's, but it's a spare, so no harm done.

I wear this one only on weekends since it's rather large in diameter. This one has three buttons glued on top of each other.

This one is by far not my favorite. I painted the center with yellow nail polish and coated the petal beads with a pearlecent one, but the result wasn't so satisfactory... trial and error I guess?

This one reminds me of a pacifier, don't know why? Two buttons and a pearl bead.

NECKLACES (none made by me :D)

A nice fake sapphire suspended with two crownings. Wear this all the time.

A mid-length with a stale colored owl pendant. I love owl necklaces :)

A cheapie from Forever 21 years ago. Love it to death though!

A cubes "A" necklace fom Club Monaco (again, YEARS ago). I lost it twice (once in Las Vegas, once in 5th grade). My lucky necklace, I guess?

A silver heart and a 24 k gold heart from Tiffany & Co. From my friend Connie :)

A cross my Dad bought me for
my baptism three years ago. I wear this 24/7.

My Juicy Couture "recycle heart" necklace. It has arrows like a recycle sign!

That's it for now. This is by far NOT my whole collection, I would have a 20 page long post if I were to show you all of them!


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

S/S '10 (New York/London)

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to be previewing some looks for Spring/Summer 2010! The InFashion guides for S/S finally came out, and of course I had to get them both.

This post will soley concentrate on New York and London. I also purchased the Paris edition, but that will be summarized in another post.

Just a fine note, each guide was 450 NT (or about 14-15 US Dollars). So... that does add up to 900 NT (so doing the math, that would equal 30 US Dollars) BUT it is a huge investment (I really cannot emphasize enough) and will last you all the way until Autumn/Winter.

Here we go!

Spring/Summer '10: New York/London (Cover)

Marc Jacobs: Amazing start to New York Fashion Week. The collection was mostly blues, greys, and creams, but with watercolor prints (reminds me of Prada?)

Oscar de la Renta: Many ethnic prints and mustard yellows. Had a nesting doll vibe to it, in general. In love with the dress below.

Anna Sui:It feels like this collection was the only one that played with long-sleeved pieces (which could be a slap in the face for S/S collections) Enjoying the bubble skirt assortment of the collection.

Marc by Marc Jacobs: Taiwan is one of the only countries that houses a MBMJ boutique (not department store stand) I'm so excited to see all the merchandise come in. Obviously, bows are huge this season, so I guess Marc didn't take a plunge and ignore the trend. Otherwise, lovely collection that I'm looking forward to seeing in person.

Alexander Wang: I think he started the whole inner wear as outer wear phenom... and also reinvented the varsity jacket. Bravo for another succesful season!

Thakoon: Of course, of course. Bold prints at Thankoon are a must, right? Rather tribal looking, with the little wrap dresses.

Jason Wu: Hands down one of my favorite collections this S/S. The dresses are simple (how adrienne..) but quirky, even a little cool in ways. Love that first dress and its bubbly (literally) pattern.

Rodarte: Two of the most amazing designers who collaborate to form this delightful brand. One question, though. Why is everyone doing wrap dresses this season? (Getting a little unoriginal, are we?) In a bottle, Rodarte is still amazing, still young, and still has a stroke of engenuity.

Alexander Herchcovitch: Kindly, this line has two polar spectrums: simple cutout dresses and buffaunt shoulders. Love the third dress... reminds me of Russian dolls.

Alright that's it for New York...
Next is the showing of the 25th London Fashion Week!

Burberry Prosum: Ever since Emma Watson wore that short gold number from Prosum, I've been eyeing the fusion brand from the sidelines. I've got to say that the collection is a bit dry. Don't get me wrong, pastels are a staple during S/S, but is it necessary to base an entire season off of it? And do we need 10+ more belted empire waist trenches and coats? Nevertheless, Prosum spits out another season (much to my suprise).

Luella: A brand that hasn't been brought to my attention before. I love the hair, to be blunt. It's kooky and fun, and the eye makeup is daring and sharp. The clothes? Crisp and edgy at the same time (which is rare these days). Falling for that second pink chiffon number.

Matthew Williamson: First off, RIP Daul Kim (first photo). One of my sole idols, blogger, model, a person with a personality (yet again, how rare is that?) I believe this was her final show? Correct me if i'm wrong... CREATIVE prints, but not too original (?) Looks a little bit like vintage Missoni, not so sure.

Topshop Unique: Alas, Topshop has a collection at FW (thank God!) I love Tao in that blue hoodie. A fresh twist on S/S.

That's it for now. Stay tuned for part deux sometime this week!