Monday, 22 March 2010

Magazine Highlights of the Month (March)

hello everyone,

I've devised a monthly column that I will update at the closing of each month. Instead of monthly favorites (beauty,fashion,etc.) I will be documenting highlights in magazines. Here we go!

TEEN VOGUE (April '10): Miley Cyrus

(*Sorry to dissapoint those Miley Cyrus fans out there, but she did NOT deserve that cover, nor, in my personal opinion, does she deserve half of what she gets in general. I don't want to turn this blog into a place for harsh critique, so I'm just stating this at the beginning. Okay!)

1. Zac Posen for Target: FTW! Posen for less than $100? Amazing! A tux for prom? Even more spectacular!

2. Jennifer Huang and Winning a CFDA Scholarship: Shes young (17 years old) she's Taiwanese-American (so am I *wink wink*) and she's full of talent.

LUCKY (April '10): Jessica Szohr

1. The Cover: Jessica Szohr is so down to earth, seriously, she's amazing. Haven't seen her grace the covers of a magazine solo before, so I was sure to snag this issue.

2. Pixie Lott-based Clothing: I love Pixie Lott (almost as much as I love La Roux), so when I saw this I was glad to know that she had FINALLY been acknowledged in an American editorial.

SEVENTEEN (April '10): Nina Dobrev

(* I don't watch Vamprie Diaries AT ALL, nor do I enjoy the fact that tons of TV shows, books, movies etc. are minipulating vampire-themes.)

1. La Roux Glasses: I have to admit I was pretty impressed that Seventeen had the taste to put these in (no offense, mostly Seventeen only features wayfarers and aviators... or whatever teens enjoy these days). I feel so inclined to buy them! La Roux wore something like these in her Rolling Stones interview.

2. Street Style Editorial: FINALLY Seventeen gets real style off the streets...can't say that I liked the "17 Way" they interrpreted these looks, but the "street way" photos are actually quite... cool.

That's all the magazines I purchased this month! This post turned into a rather "bash-n-mash" of Seventeen and Miley Cyrus, but ehhh.

Let's just say I have an acquired taste ;)


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