Monday, 22 March 2010

Outfit of the Day: Breezy Tie-Die

I'll admit, I've been in such the mood to blog ever since I downloaded the BlogPress app for my iPhone. It's fast, easy, and a superb deal for people who love to blog as a hobby.

On a finer note, I'm going to do a quick outfit of the day special just for this week :)

Seeing that I'm one day off (it's Tuesday in Taiwan), I will only have 6 OOTD.

DRESS: Blue Tie-Die with a Shirred Top...I don't usually wear skirts or dresses to school, so I like to excersise my freedom on breaks (spring break, in this case) Paired with a black schoolboy cardigan from H&M.

SHOES: Gladiators from God-knows-what brand...I've always wanted a pair of gladiators, but didn't want to splurge on a pair. Considencely, I was shopping in Kaohsiung and came across these cheapie ones for approximately 8 US Dollars. Crazy, I know!

BAG: A Nice Bronzey Tote from Coach... Oh gosh it's sort of embarassing. This bag is about 4 years old and BARELY gets any sunlight, so I decided to bring it on my trip. Matches nicely with my gladiators, though.

Have a wonderful day, and see you next blog post!


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  1. you have a coach bag!! :O