Monday, 22 March 2010

Mon Coeur Resort! (Part One)

here are a few photos of the golf resort I'm currently at:

On the mountain up to the resort. Lots of palm trees and sun. The perfect spring break weather!

A small sign directing us to the resort! Again, it's pretty far up in the mountains.

A shaky shot of the golf course... It's huge!

The enterance of the resort. The English name is "Mon Coeur". As I mentioned already, it's pretty darn hot!

Shady pathway to the main area of the resort. There are tons of lavender springs and bees here!

Adorable ticketing booth. That's my mom and grandma blocking the shot, hiding in the shade, as usual.

Gorgeous lavender!! They smell amazing, sort of reminds me of L'Occitane...

The restaurant we're dining at. It's almost packed full, but thankfully we have a seat (even though it's outdoors, in the 90+ degree heat)

There's a store inside the place, and they're selling these adorable wooden animals for 380 NT (12 US Dollars) a piece! I love the penguin!

The waiting area. Loving the blue walls and bird house.

The kitchen! The staff here are all wearing navy and white striped tees and cute red scarves.

First course was cream of vegetable with a dinner roll/bun thing. There's a smidgen of olive oil in the bread dish :) Sort of wondering, though, why I'm drinking hot soup in such hot weather...

Second (Main) course is a beef, curry, and vegetable pasta. Smells delicious! It's a huge portion, though.

Final fourth course was some sort of rolled chocolate cake. Pretty good as for my standards.

Iced fruit tea!! Amazing stuff, right here!

Next to the restaurant is an adorable organic soap and body store. They carry an assortment of soaps, like the ones here.

Of course, they carry sprigs of lavender (dried, in this case) for only 50 NT (1.50ish US Dollars) for a bunch.

This product was pretty unique! The purple tubes are tea and the yellow ones in the back are cookies. They are all lavender flavored... which doesn't really incline me to buy them :\

Outside on the patio is a tiny herb garden. Really adorable.

And of course, an assortment of lavender-infused bath salts. For a small glass, you can choose three colors (for 150 NT=4 US Dollars)

Assorted stamps on sale. Need to pick up a few of these!

Lots of colorful house shaped mailboxes all around the resort. I love the one on the far right.

Okay, that's it for part one! Stay tuned for part two soon!


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