Monday, 22 March 2010

A Quick Hello

hello everyone,

I'm posting this blog post on a new iPhone program, BlogPress, so please bear with me if the formatting is gone a bit awry.

I set off from Taipei down south, and I am currently at my grandmas house in Taichung City. Here is a picture of the high speed train/bullet train sign:

On the first day, we went to Kaohsiung, a city an hour of off Taichung. There, we met up with old accquaintences and did A LOT of shopping. I managed to pick these three things up:

1. High Waisted Gray Tulle Skirt: I love these types of things and just can't seem to get enough :)

2. Steve Madden Sandals: These were actually 75% off and they only had one pair of my (7.5) left, so that was a steal.

3. Navy Peace Bracelet: I really want to pick up a couple more of these in other colors.

Now for two Lancome quads. Didn't actually plan on getting these, but my mom's friend had them and gave them to me:

The first one looks like this:

Colors (clockwise): Pètale, Crème Lustre, Honeymoon, Noix....I'm not really the makeup type (and this is relativaley the makeup blog) but I do have to say these colors are gorgeous.

The second one looks like this:

Colors (clockwise): Crème Lustre (again?!), Mauve Lustre, Rose Ancien, Ciel du Soir...Evidently, that Crème Lustre color is a staple in these Lancome quads!

Alright, that's it for now!


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