Friday, 26 March 2010

House of Jewels.

Hello everybody,

Here is something I pride myself with (a lot, actually): my jewelry collection.

Here we go...

I hang all necklaces and rings on this small white tree. I was actually inspired by a tree I saw at VVG Bon Bon (local restaurat), where they hung candy boxes from a huge tree. Don't have a picture on me, I'm afraid.

RINGS (all designed and made by yours truly, adrienne)

This lovely daisy ring is made from an old button (actually all my rings are). This one is my favorite, by far.

Gosh, I love this one aswell...this button is actually my grandma's, but it's a spare, so no harm done.

I wear this one only on weekends since it's rather large in diameter. This one has three buttons glued on top of each other.

This one is by far not my favorite. I painted the center with yellow nail polish and coated the petal beads with a pearlecent one, but the result wasn't so satisfactory... trial and error I guess?

This one reminds me of a pacifier, don't know why? Two buttons and a pearl bead.

NECKLACES (none made by me :D)

A nice fake sapphire suspended with two crownings. Wear this all the time.

A mid-length with a stale colored owl pendant. I love owl necklaces :)

A cheapie from Forever 21 years ago. Love it to death though!

A cubes "A" necklace fom Club Monaco (again, YEARS ago). I lost it twice (once in Las Vegas, once in 5th grade). My lucky necklace, I guess?

A silver heart and a 24 k gold heart from Tiffany & Co. From my friend Connie :)

A cross my Dad bought me for
my baptism three years ago. I wear this 24/7.

My Juicy Couture "recycle heart" necklace. It has arrows like a recycle sign!

That's it for now. This is by far NOT my whole collection, I would have a 20 page long post if I were to show you all of them!



  1. Did you really just say you MADE that ring? Girl, you should sell them, trade them, DO SOMETHING WITH THEM. amazing talent you have!

  2. i LOVE the second ring.
    If you make another one, please sell it to me! :)