Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Flashback (Jackets and Boleros).

Unearthed from the dead (or rather my mom's twenty year old, basically untouched closet) are these amazing jackets and boleros. Yes, real vintage. I don't think one blog post can contain my excitement.

Also, do you like my zany hair bow? Adds the right amount of wit to my rather monochromatic outfits.

Here we go...

(*I paired everything with a black tank, black skinnies, and gun metal Steve Madden sandals*)

1. Circle Print on Navy (Blazer): Love the cut, love the shoulders, and love the fact that despite my before size 2 mom, it isn't tight, nor is it swampy. No specific brand. About 20ish years old.

(A close up of the navy circle print blazer. Not a very pleasing angle of me, but a rather great shot of the blazer.)

2. Green and White (Tuxedo Top): My mom claims that she wore this a lot in her days, and that she preserved the quality of this one until this very day. I do enjoy the lightness of the fabric, as well as the buttons.

(A closeup of the top. Do you see the lapels? Amazing and unreplecatable.)

3. Cream Pearl (Blazer): I guess I was sort of forced by my grandma to wear this one. She used to wear it A LOT. I am in love with the pearl detailing and the pearl encrusted

You probably can't tell, but shed wearing it in this picture. That's me in the blue dress, and my grandpa on the left.

(A closeup of the Cream Pearl Blazer.)

4. Black and White Houndstooth!! (Bolero): This one is by far my favorite out of the four. It's so short, I guess it could be considered a bolero, right? This looks so much like an Alexander McQueen A/W '09 I think I'm going to cry!

(A closeup of the Black and White Houndstooth Bolero)

That's all for jackets. Now since we're on a look into the past, I'd like to share some of my moms pictures from back in the day. Enjoy!

My Aunt Jean on the left, mom on the right. I kid around with my mom and tell her that she used to have Madonna "Like a Virgin" hair.

My mom in the middle, at senior prom. Not quite sure who the two on the left and right of her are, though. I have to say, my mom looks quite nice in that prom dress.

Aunt Jean on the left, Grandma in the center, and mom on the right. The girls were rocking those zany looking sunglasses on a vacation to the Golden Gate Bridge.

My favorite photo of my mom when she was young. She was graduating from Rolling Hills High School (now renamed Penninsula High School) in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. I love how her graduation gown and cap were custom made sky blue satin.

That's it for our blast to the past.

See you all very soon.


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