Sunday, 19 July 2009

Under the Scope: Autumn/Winter 2009 Key Trends

as we all know, trends seem to come and go. this season's hottest imports are key in getting the most in style looks for the autumn and winter seasons.

some trends to preview are:

1. Bohemian luxury (FoHo) Gucci is leading the pack in this new trend. lean towards fringed boots, peasant skirts, and any chunky-gold jewelery.

2. Ripped stockings/tights society has deemed ripped clothing a sin in fashion ever since man started to make clothing. however, this season, ripped stockings and tights are making a huge controversy (but also, a great impression). to achieve this look, shop for ripped mesh tights, but nothing too goth-like.

3. Military Luxe a close friend of mine once refered this trend as a "long-lost cousin" of the bohemian luxury trend. the military jacket is a must-have for winter 2009. whether feminine or worn with androgyny, the military trend is something everyone fashionista should experiment with.
more trends to come...please note the following post.

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