Monday, 20 July 2009

分解茶 myth or miracle?

i have been fabled by this so-called "amazing" drink for family members bought it and so did some of my friends. but what DOES oil-cutting tea do for you?
on the package, it boasts that it can cut 35% of all oil you intake in the form of food or from fat already stored in your body. i personally feel that it has a refreshing taste, especially the green tea variety.
this picture above is of one of my favorite oil-cutting teas. it is definetly refreshing, but it also has bitter gourd seed extract that can cut oil at a fast pace.
the taste of this certain brand is extremely light and has a crisp feeling on your tongue. many may have a hard time adapting to this taste, since it doesn't have any sugar. (in fact, it has zero calories in the whole bottle). however, it is a great alternative to western dieting trends, such as the alliDiet Pill and hollywood liquid or detox diets (this includes the so-called popular Lemonade Diet that Beyoncé boasts has rapid weight loss properties).
i love this drink, and i know that there are other varieties of oil-cutting teas out on the Asian market. i will keep everyone updated on how my progress is with this miracle tea!
note: even though i state that this tea has weight-cutting properties, it might not work for you. it is great for you to try, but if all fails, this tea might not be the right type of weight loss technique for you.

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