Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Spotlight: Illamasqua, "Makeup for Your Alter Ego".

illamasqua is a new brand from the UK, which is dominating the cosmetics market like MAC did when it first came out. illamasqua is even said to be the new competetor to MAC, since their products are somewhat similar. here is a list of items sold from this hot, new company:

1. LIP ITEMS: the brand has three catagories for lips: lipstick, intense lipgloss, and sheer lipgloss. the lipsticks seem rather similar to a MAC lipstick, but their lip glosses look very unique. my favorite color is from the intense lipgloss subsidy. the color, called femme, (pictured left) is a hot pink, very much similar to MAC's Steal My Heart Tinted Lip Glass. the intense lipglosses create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky. they also, according to an online source, draw attention to your lips, and to you.
2. EYE ITEMS: there are many types of eye items: some include powder and cream eyeshadows, eye brow cakes, eyeliners, and of course, mascara. my favorite product so far from illamasqua's eye line is the shimmer cream. there is currently only moss green available, but soon many more will be released.

3. NAIL ITEMS: illamasqua currently promotes three nail items: varnish, top coat, and base coat. my favorite is the baptise nail varnish (see photo on the right). it is a grey-toned purple, and contains a multi faceted shimmer finish.


CONS ABOUT THIS BRAND: while in hong kong this summer, i had the honor to try out illamasqua's concealer. it did not appeal to me, however. the formula was cakey, and didn't blend well. i prefer using stila's perfecting concealer (my shade is "b"). the illamasqua concealer is on the left. keep in mind that this was the shade sephora promoted to me. in my opinion, my skin tone should have been between the second and third, but she suggested the third. the stila perfecting concealer, on the other end of the spectrum, is a near perfect match.
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