Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Converse All-Star: Journey Shoes' New Line

i am always shopping on the internet for new items hitting the market, and i think this line just hits my heart. all of the sneakers in this line retail for a price of $49.99, which is a tad over the usual $30.00. however, the following photos are of my favorite designs of the line. enjoy!


the photo on the right is of the Converse All-Star Cupcake Lo Top. the chocolate brown canvas is line with pink and white cupcakes. the design, however, is dotted with a glittery finish. this product is however, on sale on the Journey's website, so it retails for $39.99 US Dollars a pair. a great pair with skinnies and a graphic hoodie/tee.


this next pair is called the Converse All-Star Panda Lo Top. this unique canvas pattern includes pandas situated in pink bubbles. i love how it is playful and bubbly in a subtle way, but still conveys a great design. this look is unfortunetaly not on sale, so it sells at the regular retail price of $49.99. this looks is also great for a back-to-school look, but it also goes great with a light-washed denim short or miniskirt and a stripped skinny tank. this is one of my personal favorites, and all the buyers of Journey's do too. (they are rated five "hands", or stars, out of five!)


this is my final favorite, the Converse All-Star Cloud Animal Lo Top. this shoe has a sky blue canvas background, which is dotted with white felt cloud animals. this design is absolutely adorable, since every little girl has looked up at the sky and watched cloud animals run in the sky. this shoe definetly reminds me of my child hood. since this shoe is a wonderful pale blue color, it can be paired with a buttercup-washed sundress or even with a black silk mini dress. this shoe is also unfortunetaly not on sale, so it retails for the same original price of $49.99.

quote the journey's website: "The original Old School is still cool. Some things don't change because they don't need to." this is undeniably true. these new designs are a new twist on the classic Chuck Taylor. get them quick....the line is selling out extremely quick!

Au Revoir et Salut,

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