Monday, 20 July 2009

Anna Sui Eye Colour Stick (WHY?)

a fact that always seems to creep up on me: why did anna sui need to create an eye colour... that comes out of a tube?? i have nothing against creativity, but this is absolutely a bad buy in general. seeing that they only sell this product in asia so far, i had the chance to test it at a nearby department store.

initial thought: this product has a wide variety of bright tones, as well as some more natural ones. the packaging is very attractive, as are all other Anna Sui cosmetic products. i first swatched the 100 Sour Blue colour on my hand. it definently failed to impress. the stick of "lipstick-like" eye colour was very hard to adhere on my skin, and the bulky pieces of silver glitter looked very passé and vulgar. instead of buying this product, why not buy something that actually is worth the money?
Au Revoir until next time...

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