Saturday, 28 August 2010

FiFi Lapin (A Review)

This is going to be my first post in a long line of blog reviews.
I think everyone knows how much I love everything cute. Not the eccentric cute of Taiwan (like...all those cheesy characters on Taiwanese comics), but the classy cute from my new favorite fashionable bunny, FiFi Lapin.
Originally from London, FiFi has possibly captured my heart as my favorite new blogger. Here are a couple photos from her lovely blog:

FiFi wearing Gucci.

FiFi wearing a daring Betsey Johnson design.

FiFi emulating modern day class in Chanel.

FiFi in Marc Jacobs! I love her bag :)

So, how does FiFi's blog add up in the eyes of Pretty Little Things? I give her four out of five stars for an amazing illustrator, en pointe fashion sense, and of course, just being plain out cute.

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