Sunday, 5 September 2010

Seeing Red.

My friend Madeline wanted to know the red nailpolishes that I owned. Here you go, Maddy!

1. Revlon Red (Revlon)-I have 3 bottles of this, wear it the most out of any other nail polish
2. Victoria Secret Coral (Victoria Secret)-the color is called "Coral", but it just looks red to me.
3. Conquistadorable Color (OPI)-a little more pinkish than red, but can pass as red.
4.Rosy Misletoe-sies (OPI)-a tinge of shiny red, it's pretty sheer
5. Ruby Pumps (China Glaze)-red with red specks and Ruby Slippers!
6. Revlon Go Chili (Revlon)-just a regular red, but pretty old.
7.Big Apple Red (OPI)-just a basic, classic red. but i can't find it ANYWHERE!
8. RD01 (Missha)-a red i bought to touch up my revlon red when i ran out.

there you go!