Thursday, 5 August 2010

Summer Creations + Bulletin Board.

Since it's summer, I have a bunch of time that I can just relentlessly spend on making and creating little items.

I made three rings today!

The first one turned out a little like this...

My mom had some old leftover buttons from something she was working on herself, so I nabbed a few.

The next ring looks like this...

The third ring is by far my favorite, since I love things that sparkle. This button came off of one of my grandma's old coats, and by golly, I am loving it to death.

My inspiration came from this pair of Miu Miu Crystal Gloves (the ring is attached to the glove, how cool is that?)

I also made two more flowers, one in a darkish blue, and one in a buttercream yellow.

This blue one above is attached to a plastic black headband.

The buttercream yellow one above is attached to a plastic black clip.

You can see the clip in action above (;

I have also been adding onto my already always messy bulletin board. I've had this bulletin board since a while back, and it really has grown to become the statement piece of who I am. It defines me.

Oh, I am quite ashamed of what a mess it is!

Closeups of portions of my lovely bulletin:

A photo from our winter formal in seventh grade! Everyone looked so young back then. And it was only two years ago!

I've been watching the movie Coraline on HBO a lot recently and was sort of inspired to do this quite random water color a few days ago. It's what I imagine my "other mother" would probably look like.

The wonderful Prada Shanghai World Expo bags that my uncle graciously gave me. And the buttercream felt flower attached to the handles!

A metro card from NYC, a random sun I drew with markers, a Snoopy the Beagle pin, and the top portion of a candy gram (;

Two Snapple lids (one belonging to Pink Lemonade, and one to Lemon Iced Tea), a bunch of Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani tags and postcards, and a portion of a Prada parfum ad that I picked up two years ago at the Prada store.

My name made out of perla beads that I created when I was over at my friend, Berry's, house. They have a lot of perla beads. Thanks Berry!

Saw this at the bookstore the other day and told myself that I had to get it. Obviously because "I Heart Lomo".

And because my love of David & Goliath Tees never will perish, a tag from one of their tee shirts. I have a total of three now. But heck, their shirts are overpriced, so I think I can stop at three.

Today I finished off another random project that I've been working on since last night. Here it is:

I have deemed her Lola.

Lola has real fake eyelashes on! They make her button eyes seem three times larger!

Look at how long Lola's lashes are! Believe me, that took a lot of hard work to get on. I took a pair of cheap 20 NT lashes and stacked them onto each other. Then, I took some Elmer's glue and glued the strip down (which, trust me, took about 20 minutes counting drying time).
Another something something that I did this morning (see, I have so much time on my hands):

The octopus' name is Ernie (:


  1. i agree, that third ring is the best!
    and i am jealous, cause you are too darn creative(:

  2. @miley aww! thank you so much!