Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dear Miley

Dear Miley,

Stop and think. You're not even 18 yet and you're telling pre-teen girls that it's okay to dress and act like a street walker? Do you know how many people look up to you and mimic every single action you take?

Obviously not, since you seem to not care about your image, dignity, and how you're basically killing your once blemish free slate.

Personally, I think that you're taking one step too far? Is this how you want to see girls? Withering and suggestively acting in public? I'm talking about 5 year old girls here who haven't even started kindergarten yet.

I know you're trying to break out of that Disney stereotype shell, but is this HONESTLY the correct way to do so? Aren't there other ways to prove maturity? In my opinion, I think you're showing an immense lack of it.

Miley, PLEASE put your act together, and perhaps maybe, people can look past your "I'm-the-next-Lindsay Lohan/ Heidi Montag" persona. Oh yeah, and by the way? Lap dancing on your 44 year old movie manager's party? REAL nice way to top of the cake.


P.S: Pretty Little Things followers! Please read :D sort of stole the idea from her, but nevertheless, miley cyrus should be taught a lesson or two...


  1. haha, i dont know if you got this idea from me, but hence i kind of did the same thing, i obviously agree with everything you said! and im just so tired of even thinking about how wrong she is. you also forgot, she also may be the next britney spears...(:

  2. oh yeah, @miley, you totally just inspired me :D sorry for stealing the picture too D: i totally agree, she's growing up WAY too fast,isn't she only 17 or so? even in taiwan, there are articles in tabloids talking about her escapades and such... it's such a shame.

  3. I TOTALLY agree!! Its sad how fame changes a person. But quite honestly, I never really liked her to start off with!

  4. I am 27 years old and it doesn't sit well with me either!

    I don't think it's great with ANY age. =/

    You just end up looking rather sad (regardless of age).