Thursday, 21 October 2010

Blast to the Past

Hi everyone!

Did you all read my post from yesterday? If not, it was basically an explanation of my blogging absence. In short, I guess my main reason would be a mix of stress, homework, and just plain not knowing on what to write about .

Yesterday, I wore a very fun and colorful skirt made out of a sort of light, cotton material. I love the pattern even though it is a tad bit childish (but we'll get to all that later). Amazingly enough, I've had this skirt since third grade! Yes! You didn't just read that wrong! The picture below is third grade me (with my cousin, fittingly eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts) and current me, wearing the skirt in both images. Not that you all don't believe me. I just wanted to show you how cut of a child I was (:

(Do you like my eye squiggle?)

I wore these coral colored Juicy Couture flats that I bought at Lane Crawford (on sale!) when I went to Hong Kong Last summer. I love the ribbon detailing, and since it was a wet day, my flats got a little bit muddy...

Alas, the skirt itself. I love this skirt so much. I even recall the day that I begged my mom to buy it for me at the Children's Place. It's a children's size 8. Believe me, I am by far not that size (not even close!) so I do believe that the elastic band has stretched to fit my size today. Any how, it still fits wonderfully, and the colors are still as vibrant as the day I bought it!

Bought this cheap looking pearl bracelet at a booth some lower school girls set up. They were selling handmade jewelery that they had personally made and the profits went to some charity (forgot which). Anyways, since my skirt was from when I was young, I decided to wear these pearls, since my mom said they looked like the ones I had in a dress-up set when I was little. Nail polish is OPI's Suzi Says Da!, a nice chocolate brown shade.

Enjoy your weekend!


P.S: My frenchie bulldog, Bella, says hi. She's sitting pretty (for once) enough for me to snap a decent, non-blurry photo of her.

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