Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Legit Talking.

hello interwebs... it has been a while since i legitimately wrote a post with a higher ratio of actual words, so here i am, sitting on a friday night, drinking twinning's lemon tea (a staple, you can shoot me if i'm wrong), and typing away on this rusty lenovo of mine.

the point of this post, in some general sorts, is me introducing myself, to you... blog readers. forgive me this post will be a very boundless one, so hitch up your girdles and hang in here with me.

my name is adrienne (no last name in the digital territory), and i was born in taipei, taiwan (no years, for the same reasons, per say). i lived a very comfortable lifestyle (the usual spoiled asian child) from the ages of negative to about 3 years old, which i then moved to los angeles, california.

from there on, i lived in arcadia, california for ten years of my life. arcadia was typical, suburban, with toyotas and nissans (and sometimes the occasional mercedes or beemer) lined up in front of post world war two homes with nicely mowed lawns and cheesy vintage mailboxes. however, at the age of 13, i moved to taipei, taiwan, a gyroscopic turn from a minute California suburb.

in taiwan, i ventured into different sports of fasion. my uncle (no names, saving the privacy of the non intended), ran and still runs the taiwan sector of prada (yes, THAT prada). i do have to say he cultivated my interest for fashion, bringing me to collection previews and parties of sorts, teaching me about all genres and appeals that fashion gives.

enough with my life, i should move on with my background in fashion. my mom was a fashion designer, born in taiwan as well, who moved to america to chace the golden american dream in 1979. she graduated from UCLA and continued to FIDM Los Angeles to complete her design career. to this day, she has lent me her textbooks ("the art of fashion draping" to be one of my highlighted favorites), and has taught and nurtured me on the art.

then comes in my background of writing. ive always had this inside craving and passion for literature. since a young age, perhaps 6 or 7, i have wanted to write for harper's bazaar magazine.

all in all, i do have to say that this is not a hobby that i succumb to when im bored or languidly tired. fashion is a career i am chasing, running on its coattails. i am sure that somewhere in the future, the fashion industry does have its spot for me.

well, that's my very belated introduction of my long, yet short life so far. i hope you have enjoyed (and i hope i havent bored you much!)


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