Tuesday, 23 February 2010

My Playlist of the Moment

hello kind endowments of the interwebs.... due to my utmost obsession with music, i am going to share with you my current ipod (actually, iphone for the matter) playlist:

  • baby baby baby-make the girl dance
  • a cause de garcons-yelle
  • you make my dreams-hall and oats
  • bulletproof-la roux
  • in for the kill-la roux
  • here comes your man-pixies
  • teen lovers-the virgins
  • ju veux te voir-yelle
  • dancing in the moonlight-toploader
  • kiss with a fist-florence + the machine
  • dance anthem of the 80's-regina spektor.
  • big girl (you are beautiful)-mika
  • the calculation-regina spektor.



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