Sunday, 21 February 2010

X Anni di Kaos!

moschino... the start and end of my adoration towards the art of fashion (what it is, and sometimes what it really isn't). i received this book as a sort of makeshift peace offering from my uncle. it was abandoned, really, in his sagging bookshelf, and i had actually been reading it since... age 6? (there's lots of pretty colours in it...) i love moschino for their unique and textural ideas, breaking the coherent box of the industry, always booming with the most daring. sorry though, for those of you who would love (and chop your right arm off for) X ANNI DI KAOS! its over 10 years old... now considered with only 500 copies worldwide ;)

oh and a gentle reminder, the book's majority is in italian... barely any english. had to acquire my mother's assistance in translating it for me (she majored in linguistics!)

love this photo, as it contridicts the fashion industry. definitely need to get my hands on one of these! *laughs nervously*

these four long-sleeved twills are bordering genius. moschino does love to play with circles... not the smiley face, pizza, ball, and watermelon. what did i say, what did i say?

gorgeous portrait of an equally gorgeous italian-someone (i honestly don't remember her name...

"cloud with handle and padlock" from the pirate collection by moschino. acrylic canvas 70 x 100 cm.

moschino models in moschino bags. this should be revolutionary!

my personal favorite, a hall of mirrors filled with discarded mannequins. moschino does have a way with his mannequins...

if i could, i would send a copy of this book to everyone; it's truly revolutionary!

"Thank you and Goodnight!"


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  1. I was at X anni of Kaos in Milan in 1995 and I regret not buying the book. Franco Moschino is one of the most talented designer in the world!