Saturday, 3 April 2010

Cath Kidston.

hello everyone,

Today we have a post dedicated soley on my current obsession: Cath Kidston. I don't know what screams to me from their products: the amazing array of oilcloth totes and accessories or the gorgeous vintage rose-spray prints. I'm very excited to show you all what I got (*screams*) so...

Here we go!

First off, I would like to introduce the brand to everyone. Cath Kidston was first opened in 1993 in a tiny store in London's Holland Park. Kidston began with selling vintage inspired fabrics and wallpapers, and soon gained enough namesake to start designing what she is most well known for now: oilcloth items. The brand is now a cult favorite, and has branched all the way to Ireland and is praised immensely in Japan.

Now on to the more exciting portion... today I braved the rain and headed over to Taipei's only Cath Kidston store (mind me, there are a couple of stands in department stores, Eslite bookstore, etc but this is the only actualy STORE I've seen around the area). Here is a picture of the store:

I couldn't snap any shots inside the actual store itself, but I can assure you that it is gorgeous (and complete with vintage Singer sewing machine). The lovely sales ladies helped me to find a suitable-priced bag that would be convenient for everyday use. What I decided to get was this amazing find:

The inside is absolutely amazing (I need a bag with lots of pockets since I am a sadistically neat neat freak). There's a pocket for my iPhone, my planner (which is roughly the same size as the bag), and a ton of other random tidbits. Here is a look at the inside:

Mind you, it wasn't the famous Cath Kidston oilcloth, and the size isn't exactly Kidston conventional either, but I am still falling head over heels for it. The reason that I purchased this one was due to a) the affordable-under-2000 NT-price tag. b) the freebies it comes with (more on that later). and c) the pockets inside and the overall print of the bag.

The bag was a BARGAIN. It was originally marked at 1800 NT and was marked down to 1260 NT with a 30% discount. Plus, it included a zany and adorable mirror and a slightly random matching tissue holder (?) . The mirror is adorable and I just recently lost mine, so this replacement definitely makes me pleased. Here is a picture of the mirror and the *slightly* random tissue holder:

As a little thank you, the lovely sales lady gave me their new Spring/Summer '10 catalog and that made me super excited. However, the text was entirely in Japanese resulting in a rather irritated Adrienne....but I'm enjoying the pictures anyway.

I'm rather pleased with all of my purchases and I am definitely repurchasing something from the Cath Kidston range soon!

Have a beautiful week and a wonderful and blessed Easter!



  1. Hello, my name is Louis and I ADORE your blog :) Nice bag too, btw. Your blog is cute


  2. I came across your blog because i LOVE Cath Kidston aswell. Your english is very very good for someone living in asia? Do you take classes? :D Love your blog aswell <3

  3. love the new look(: cute bag!

  4. hi there.. can you post here where the store is located at?

    We are going to taipei this July and are tourists.. pls let us know how to get there from 101.

  5. Hey those are freebies from the Cath kidston spring summer 2010 mook! And i bought the mook for NT 499 in Taipei!!I wrote about it in my blog.

  6. Hi,

    Can I have the address of the shop?

  7. Hi, Do you have to address of this place? I'm going to taipei soon.. can I have the address?