Sunday, 11 April 2010

Way-back Machine.

Hello everyone,

This is my outfit for today. I'm pretty proud of myself for being so gutsy (and for mixing patterns and prints).

Here we go...

Borrowed a top that my mom wore when she was a teen (total vintage points!). Nice butterfly sleeves and print. Love the v-neck:

Paired with a simple pair of light wash denim shorts:

Worn with anciently old turquoise paisley Keds. I hate polka-dots, but I guess I just have to deal:

Also wore my beloved, trusty, homemade daisy ring. Paired with hot pink (?) nail polish:

Peace out.



  1. very adorable.
    i agree with ^ loving the headband. :)

  2. @miley and @Awaiting thanks both of you (: Oh, in case you were wondering, I got them at H&M. The black one came in a set with a white one (for about $6) and I also got a coral-y pink one for around $4 or something :D