Monday, 26 April 2010

The Professional Combo.

Hello everyone,

Here is my outfit for Monday, April 26th, 2010. We had a Model United Nations practice conference/debate, and since I'm on the press team (and as of today, I'm editor *snaps for me*). The dress code was formal, with skirts and dress pants for girls, so I decided to give my own twist on the typical white blouse/black slacks/Mary Janes. Enjoy!

Cardigan: Giordano Ladies, Black and White Top: Chocolate Factory (from Marshall's), Harem Pants: Giordano Ladies, Heart Bangle: Local Boutique in Taipei,
Initial Necklace: Club Monaco

(Closeup of the silver heart bangle) I think I have TOO many bracelets, let them be charm bracelets, bangles, or those really childish jelly bracelets that were huge a few years back. I cannot own enough, but I do love this one a lot, considering the simplicity of it.

(Closeup of Initial Necklace) "A" is for Awesome, as it is for Adrienne! (Just kidding, but seriously, I'm right, no? :D)

I pimped out my Lenovo X200 laptop yesterday in order for it to be recognizable among so many others at the conference. I used a nice bordering tape to do this design on the cover of my laptop. It cam out pretty cute, so I think I may be keeping it on for a while.

(Closeup of cover design) I like black/white borders like this one A LOT.

The screen/wallpaper of my laptop. Florals (especially Liberty florals, don't even get me started) are a HUGE love/obsession of mine. Added a little "I love Paris" sticker next to the built in webcam, which makes it look uber adorable as well.

Some Russian nesting doll bordering tape that I purchased last night for 45 NT (the two other designs came in a smaller roll, and were 12 NT each). I LOVE Russian nesting dolls.


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