Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Cheap NYX!

Went to Watsons today just to check things out and browse around, when I came across their "15% off all cosmetics" sale. Seeing that I always wanted to try out NYX, I went over to their little stand, and guess what I found?

A NYX bronzer! 70% off!

Yep, I was a little skeptical at first, so I approached one of the staff members and they cleared it up by saying "actually, it's 90%..."

Gosh, it felt like they were giving it to me for free.

If you know me (actually, know me REALLY well) you'll know that I've prided being pale, but since summer is coming around, I thought "Well, this is a real steal, this bronzer is really pretty, you should look tan during the summer... etc etc"

So I went ahead and got it...

There were two other colors: a light and a dark. I opted for medium, since light was... too light (and dark was too dark and unaturally tan ;D)

Here's the receipt for the bronzer... if you don't seriously believe me. The original price, 980 NT, was deducted by 882 NT, which ended up at 98 NT. But then, the 15% sale was also applied, and the final grand total was... 83 NT (around $2.70 US Dollars). By the way, the bronzer retails for $15 US dollars.

NYX polishes were also on special deal, so being the nail polish fanatic that I am, I got one.

This color is called Juliette (which is SO ironic, since I watched Letters to Juliet after that)

Maybe a new summer favorite? I don't know yet, but it's REALLY pretty!


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  1. OMG, that bronzer is such a steal! :)
    I actually went to Watsons the other day and saw the exact same bronzer.
    But I'm tan enough here where I live ahha :)
    Really sucks Taipei rained for three days straight. :(
    Couldn't go to the night market for all three daysss.