Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nail Polish Binge.

These are a few of the polishes I got over the course of the past two week. Love them all and GET THEM FAST! Two are limited edition, one is already discontinued, and the other two are just plain awesome (and I'm guessing they'll sell out pretty fast?)

1. Ruby Pumps (China Glaze), 2. For Audrey (China Glaze), 3. Call Your Mother (Sephora by OPI), 4. $$$$ Yes (MAC), 5. Coral (Victoria Secret Pink)

1. Ruby Pumps (China Glaze): Love this polish... perhaps I own a few too many shades like this (like OPI's Rosey Misle-tosies and the caliber) I love the name, it makes me think of Ruby Slippers and I think this is an iconic color of China Glaze? Beats me... however a downside is that China Glaze polishes smell terrible (like chemical terrible) so if you can't cope with that... please don't waste your money (as this color is terribley replicable by many other, better quality brands).

2. For Audrey (China Glaze): This color was the color of the summer for me, but I didn't want to spend so much money on that gorgeous Chanel one. When I first saw this polish, it struck me that it was the same color as my walls at home in Taipei. It also struck me that this is the exact same color as a Tiffany&Co. box (DUH. The name is "For Audrey"... like Audrey Hepburn? Breakfast at Tiffany's ring a bell?) Lovely color, although I do think that this is a limited edition from China Glaze. Got it from the Clearance Rack over at my local Sally Beauty Supply Store! So happy to have picked it up before it was rolled clean out of store shelves (Also, ULTA no longer carries this polish, I asked today when I was there).

3. Call Your Mother (Sephora by OPI): Cool brown tones have been a large portion of my nail colors recentley... maybe it's the thought that summer this year in Los Angeles hasn't been all that hot (save the corals and reds!) However, Sephora by OPI makes stunning, and ever so slightly random and exhuberent, colors, so it would be rather so wise to pick some up? The forumla is exactly similar to thus of regular OPI polishes, but at 50 cents less (and as the saver that I am), these polishes are a sure done deal.

4. $$$$$ Yes (MAC): This polish was from the Holiday 2009 MAC Collection (Magic, Mirth, and Mischief). I was in a bit of a financial stint at the time (it was the holidays! sales at every store!) so I didn't get $$$$$ Yes while it was out at MAC counters. To my great excitement, the polish was ready, waiting for me, at the Las Vegas Cosmetics Company Outlet! And it was only $7.75! A pure silver color, $$$$$ Yes is going to be one of my new favorites.

5. Coral (Victoria Secret Pink): Best coral color ever! A true summer color, and since I wear red ALL the time (on toes and fingers), this red was a change from my typical Revlon Red. The top also has some random nail gems, which is also pretty cute. Also, the polish was only $1.75 after a 75% reduction at the VS Semi-Annual Sale! Incredible deal!

Have a great week!



  1. love the blue!

    i nominated you for an award, check out my blog(:

  2. for audrey looks so pretty! :D

  3. Yes, For Audrey by China Glaze is an amazing colour :) An exact match to Tiffany & Co. box blue. If you both have the chance, go look for it! It's def. hard to find since it's limited edition, but I think most Sally Beauty Supply Stores carry it