Sunday, 20 June 2010

Summer Update (WARNING: Word Heavy!)

Hello hello hello :)

Wow, its been two complete, non blogging weeks, and I've got to say... it sort of hurts! Anyways, here's a quick (actually now that I've read over the post, not really) overview of what I've been doing:

1. I went to Las Vegas! It was beautiful and so so SO amazingly lovely. Seeing that I haven't been in about two years (a.k.a the two years that I've since moved to Taipei), it was nice to see the change in hotels. I mean, two have sprung up (Aria and Vdara of City Center Resorts and Casinos) and numerous restaurants and buffets as well. My favorite part was definetly Miracle Miles Shopping Center right under our hotel, Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. There were tons of shops and restaurants and sights and sounds and... I think you all get the point.The second night I was there I watched LOVE: By Cirque du Soliel, which was at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Perhaps the most creative and invigorating show in the entire world, the fusion of Beatles songs and classic Cirque wonder. My second time watching the show, I totally felt vibes that I didn't even feel the first time watching it. That's got to be a sign!! Also, the Chelsea Premium Outlets just 10 minutes off the Strip was DROP DEAD SHOPPING HEAVEN. There was also a Cosmetics Company Outlet which I have never been to, so that was superbly interesting. Picked up two items there (two MAC nail polishes: $$$$ Yes from the 2009 Winter Collection and Vestral White from the Hello Kitty Collection. Photos up soon, yes?)

2. I visited old friends (and maybe even sparked a summer romance? just kidding, but I totally wish) Seeing everyone brought back intense memories and an equal amount of melancholy tears. Some of these people I haven't even seen in... say two years as well? It was such a bittersweet reunion.

3. I have found many new favorites (both fashion-wise, cosmetics, and places to see). Here's a list of the things that I've been obsessing over this week and a half:

  • Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo (For Oily/Straight to Normal Hair): Leaves a weirdish white film but after combed out, it left super awesome shiny hair! Now I don't have to strip my hair and wash it every day? Yes ma'am :)
  • L.A. Colours Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer: Got this in the 75% off clearence at Forvever 21. Saw it in JulieG's YouTube video for one of her nail art tutorials. The purple one that I got made for a great plaid pattern nail design (paired over a backdrop of MAC's Vestral White polish)
  • Forever 21 + Danny Roberts Line: I love Danny Roberts SO much it's crazy, so when I saw that he was pairing up to do a line for Forever 21, I sort of went a little estatic (ask my mom, she said I jumped up and down when I saw the racks of tees and tanks for the line... thanks mom :\) Got a tank and a v-neck tee that were....*gulp*... $15 dollars each. But it was TOTALLY well worth it.
  • Soap and Glory's Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss: It's so unfair to put this in this post since I don't usually talk beauty AT ALL (nail polish does NOT count)... but this lip gloss is totally to great to keep out of any of my blog posts. It's a clear gloss that plumps lips like CRAZY. No joke! The packaging is cheeky, reminscent of Benefit products, and the product is amazingly good. For only $9.99 at Target, the Soap and Glory line is lovely and an invigorating change from typical drugstore products.
  • The Grove, Los Angeles: Okay, it's sort of not fair to put this in since I've been going to the Grove since I was around 4 or 5, but this place is by far the best spot in Los Angeles, or actually, in the whole entire world. The place is old-American (think late 1940's for those of you who haven't been) with strings of lights and canas tents. There's also a Farmer's Market out in the back that has amazing Greek food. I reccomend going to the Grove no matter what age, where you live (wether it's your first time in Los Angeles or you're a local) the Grove is the best way to spend a summer evening, since it's so breezy. And the sunset is to die for! And they have a Zara! And a double decker bus that runs through it!

OKAY this post is WAYYY too long, but I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts... I've also come to notice that my blog posts have been discovered by other lovely bloggers. So follow Pretty Little Things if you enjoy my blogging and posts, and of course: leave comments! (Because I'm a sucker for comments and replying them ;D)

Love you all, and look forward to talking to you soon!


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