Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Hello everyone,

I haven't done a word-heavy post in a while, so here I am to hopefully (not) bore you. I'm currently on summer vacation, and goodness me! I've gained so much free time (hopefully that means more blog posts?) Anyways, I just wanted to debrief my summer plans for all of you, so you'll know when I will and won't be posting.

Yesterday (June 8th), I went to a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. It was amazing and very invigorating, hopefully some photos of that will be up sometime today or tomorrow.

Tomorrow, (June 10th), I will be flying from Taipei to Los Angeles! I've been waiting for ages and ages to go back to my hometown. The first few days I will be shopping and perhaps blogging a little bit.

However, next Monday-Wednesday, I will be in Las Vegas, Nevada... so that probably means I will be occupied with shopping/site seeing/walking around/swimming in the pool/watching shows so... maybe no blog posts? I'm not really sure yet.

I will be in the states (west coast in particular), for a little over a month! So I'm sorry for the loss of blog posts over this summer. However, I am destined to have the summer of my life...

Also wanted to share my summer playlist with you all. Here it is:

Rock That Body-
Black Eyed Peas
New Perspective- Panic! At the Disco
Kiss With a Fist- Florence + the Machine
Gatekeeper- Feist
Your Body is a Wonderland-John Mayer

I won some snazzy Audio Technica Headphones from a school party, so I'm guessing my plane rides won't be that boring anymore :)

Alright, well I hope all of you have the summer of your lives... and I hope to be posting some more in the next few weeks!