Sunday, 25 July 2010

Analog Love

Many of you have probably met my Diana Mini (in my opinion, the best lomography creation on the market at the moment, apart from Dorophy Tang's limited edition Qing Hua Diana F+) However, my love for the plastic beast didn't just stop at the purchase of my Diana; it seems to continue on.

Recently, I popped into Taipei's Studio A (an Apple retailer) to get my iPhone skinned (or pimped out, in simpler terms). I also desperately needed a new screen protector, so tonight was the night that I went to get my iPhone makeover.

This is the result of my brand new iPhone SkinJam:


...and AFTER!

A regular SkinJam that is applied directly to the appliance (in my case, iPhone) is really expensive, so I opted for a plain case and then asked them to SkinJam that instead of my iPhone. The total only came up to 790 NT, which is a far cry for the normal 2000 NT+ price tag.

I couldn't help to put this picture up:

They seem to have bonded pretty well :)