Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pour Me Your Wine.

Forever 21 and Danny Roberts have come out with a debut (and limited edition) T shirt range! If you don't know who Danny Roberts is, CLICK HERE to visit his blog. I purchased two of the t shirts from this range, and to be quiet honest, they are pretty expensive ($15 dollars each)

Thank you mom for letting me have your Prada purse :) It's very small, but very adorable, and since I don't carry around that much, it's the ideal, everyday purse.

This purse is very old! (Quote my mom "older than me") but it's kept in brilliant condition.

Ooh how I love tortoise shell. And the Prada sign. And leather bags.


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  1. Hi! I saw your blog on Miley's blog :) She gave you an award! LOL, well I love the Danny Robert's Forever 21 line too! They're so adorable, but def. not cheap! LOVE the vintage Prada purse as well. Very '60s!