Thursday, 29 July 2010

The New 'Do

I got my hair cut yesterday, and I originally only wanted a trim and shorter bangs. However, I changed my mind all of a sudden and told the hair stylist to cut of quite more than I had originally planned. Here's what the new cut looks like:

And a better picture:
It's really more of a mid-length bob than a blunt cut bob, but I really love it. I will possibly never grow it out and just continue trimming and cutting so that it stays this length.

The weather in Taipei has been so bizarre lately. It's been simultaneously raining while the sun is shinning, which is actually quite normal for Taiwan, I've heard. However, this is definitely a weird change from the beautiful California weather that I have been in for the past month. Here are two photos of today's sky. You can't really tell it's raining, but it is:


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  1. ZOMG (I never use that term hahah, but this is how cool yoh cut is)
    I love love love it ;D